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Product Details

Keep your dog busy at home for hours with this new Tug-of-Floor Dog Toy!

Just stick the suction cup to any flat surface and watch your dog play with the bouncy ball for hours, just like tug-of-war.

🐶 Does your dog bite everything? Worrying about damages to your furniture? Here is a solution – a dog tug toy! It solves multiple tasks: chewing needs, teeth cleaning, food dispensing, exercising and so much more. 🛒Get this tug toy for your dog >> here

dog tug toy

🐕 Designed with you in mind, our toy is perfect for busy pet owners. Use anywhere around the house, simply find a clean flat surface, push the suction cup on, and enjoy watching your dog tug and play.

🐕 The chewing and pulling action helps clean your dog’s teeth while also releasing aggressive behavior without causing harm.

🐕 Tough and durable, our toy is made of durable non-toxic materials that are safe even for the most aggressive chewers.

🐕 The perfect choice if you want to keep your dog busy while you’re working from home, away, or if you just want to encourage independent play.

🐕 A great chew toy for dogs. Simply fasten the suction cup onto a firm surface for a challenging chew toy for your dog to bite and pull.

dog tug toy

Why Do Dogs Love Tug-of-Floor Dog Toys?

                    • Doggies can play with themselves to kill boring time.
                    • Tug-of-war games deepen the relationship between dogs and their owners.
                    • Tug-of-Floor Dog Toy relieves anxiety and creates entertainment.
                    • Cleans dogs` teeth and maintains oral health.
                    • Prevents obesity.
                    • Perfect both indoors and outdoors.
                    • Gives your dog something practical to chew on.
                    • A great source of entertainment for dogs.
                    • The suction cup gives adequate resistance for your dog to pull on.

dog tug toy

ALL BREEDS & SIZES of dogs from puppies to large dogs all couldn’t resist giving a quick tug.

WILL IT HARM MY PET? Absolutely not! Our toy was specifically designed with thick cotton fiber rope to prevent any backfire or kickbacks.

FLOOR DAMAGE? We recommend using our toy on tiled or flat surfaces.

dog tug toy


  • Material: rubber
  • Size: 15.7 x 3.9 in

Warm Tips:

  • The suction cup should be pressed hard on the wall or floor where it can stick on.
  • The more air it squeezes out, the more sticky it is.
  • It’s better to lead the dog to bite the ball not the suction cup, or it may sacrifice soon.

Your dog will LOVE this amazing toy! ❤



🐶 Does your dog like to chew on things? With this tug toy, there’s no need to worry about your furniture and other items getting destroyed anymore! It covers a dog’s chewing needs, helps with cleaning its teeth, and actually entertains your dog! 🛒 Purchase this tug toy today >> here


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